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About Us


At Duncan and Rose we love colors!  We carry colorful clothing, unusual gifts and art products designed and curated by professional cellist and artist Sarah West and friends. Duncan and Rose started as an outlet shop for Glassii™, LLC. Glassii™ manufactures custom art, glass paperweights, magnet sets, and a line of art note cards with over 160 designs and growing!

All Duncan and Rose designs and apparel products are made to order. Once you place your order, It will take 2-3 weeks to arrive to you.


More about

Duncan and Rose and Glassii™ Manufacturing, Wholesale and Online Retail Store is the newest endeavor of cellist Sarah West. Glassii™ hand-crafts custom glass paperweights, glass magnets and art products. Sarah originally started Glassii™ as a way to continue to showcase the art of Sarah's family including the art of her father, David West and grandmother, Edna West, and has grown to include custom products for business and fun.

A Juilliard-trained professional cellist for over 35 years, Sarah is the inventor Magic Rosin®, a new type of rosin for violin, viola, and cello. A key feature of Magic Rosin is the clear appearance...almost like glass. She was amazed to find that Magic Rosin® quickly grew to be one of the top professional rosins, and rosin of choice for soloists, professionals, teachers and students. Because of the unusually clear formula of Magic Rosin®, Sarah was able to use the art of her father, and some of her own images in the actual rosin. Magic Rosin® is also customizable with photos and logos. 

Now, Glassii's™ signature products, the Art Glass Paperweights and magnets, are also customizable with logos or photos to use for fun or for business promotions, gifts and fundraisers. 

The range of Glassii™ Museum Shop products includes Art Note Cards, Glass Magnets, Faceted Glass Windows, Glass Paperweights, and more, allowing anyone to have beautiful art in the palm of their hands or on display in their homes or offices.